CEO Greeting

"Hansclubhouse is a changing company."

CEO Han, Pyeong Gu

The COVID-19, which seemed like it would never end in 2023, has had a huge social and economic impact and is now considered an issue of the past, with it being evaluated as the biggest recession since the Great Depression and a gradual process of recovering daily life..

Currently, all markets, including golf, are constantly in the process of upward standardization of better products and services, and many companies are facing difficulties in survival, with growth still far away due to high inflation and high interest rates.

However, despite difficult economic conditions such as a consumption cliff, golf-related businesses are less sensitive than other industries, and many similar businesses are opening up every week. On the one hand, I am concerned that the golf customization business is seen as a model that can be a fast follower.

"Hansclubhouse is a changing company"

The domestic fitting market has been reorganized and established as an independent system that is different from that of the United States and Japan. Hans Clubhouse has launched its own mall specializing in golf fittings with the goal of becoming an industry standard, introducing fitting brands that are unfamiliar to golfers as well as new brands and products, and is sparing no effort in supporting domestic brands to grow. In addition, we conveniently provide optimized options so that customers and all business operators in the industry can easily share brands, check product specifications, and provide quick quotes.

With a high-level perspective on the golf custom fitting sector, Hans Clubhouse staff are committed to responding to diverse customer needs and providing clear, practical solutions in the field. Regular exchanges with foreign experts, not only for knowledge and information sharing but also for researching and advancing fitting cases, are a testament to their dedication. The Hans Clubhouse team remains diligent in their efforts to continuously improve and stay abreast of industry insights.

We offer a range of authentic golf brands and customized golf equipment to meet the specific needs of our customers. Striving to become a leader in the field of customization, we provide excellent customer service that stands out, ensuring that we do not fall behind in any aspect. We appreciate your continued support and encouragement.

Introducing Fitter
Seo, Moon Seob Director | Nonhyeon H.S

- Worked at Ave Sports Corp. from 2001 to 2018

- Worked as Yonex Golf Team Leader

- ClubMakers & Completion of Hans Fitting Expert        Course

- Served as Director of Hansclubhouse in 2020 (General Sales Manager)

You,Joong IL Fitter | Bundang(DMS)

- Graduated from Jungbu University 

- Golf membership for 12 years

- ClubMakers&Completion of Hans Fitting Expert Course

- Working as Hansclubhouse fitter in 2022

Lee, kyeong Hoon Fitter | Daechi Branch(DMS)

- Graduated from Jeonnam Science University in 2005 with a major in Physical Education

- In 1997, ranked 3rd in the Gwangju Metropolitan Student Golf Tournament for middle school students.

- In the year 2000, achieved 1st place in the Jeollanam-do Governor's Cup Student Golf Tournament for high school students

- In 2011, became a regular member of the Korea Professional Golfers' Association (KPGA) 

- From 2012 to 2014, participated in the KPGA Challenge Tour (second-tier tour).

- ClubMakers&From 2012 to 2014, participated in the KPGA Challenge Tour (second-tier tour).

- Working as a Hansclubhouse fitter in 2021

Kim, hyun woo Fitter | Nonhyeon Branch H.S

· Winner of the 2023 Nike Golf Club Competition

· Multiple winners in amateur competitions

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Nonhyeon H.S
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